Icon Glossary / Product Test PP = BEST Performance * Also Suitable Material Surface Treatment Surface Treatment Suggestion IconMaterialHardnessTiNTiCNTiALN Austenitic Stainless Steel< 35 HRc*PP Martensitic Stainless Steel< 35 HRc*PP Martensitic Stainless Steel>= 35 HRcPP PH Stainless Steel< 35 HRc*PP PH Stainless Steel<= 35 HRc*PP Ni, Co, Fe Based Super AlloysPP TitaniumPP Alloy Steel16-23 HRc**PP Alloy Steel23-38 HRc**PP Alloy Steel> 38 HRc*PP Carbon Steel16-23 HRc**PP Carbon Steel23-38 HRc**PP Carbon Steel > 38 HRc*PP Low Carbon Steel13-23 HRc**PP Low Carbon Steel23-38 HRc**PP Low Carbon Steel> 38 HRc*PP Gray Cast Iron18-22 HRc*PP Nodular Cast Iron22-32 HRc*PP Aluminum< 10% Si*PP Aluminum > 10% Si*PP Hardened Steel >45 HRc*PP Bright M BlackOxide BlackGold S TiN TiCN P TiALN StrawOxide Additional treatments available upon request. K N H Base Material Point Angle Helix Angle Standard Shank HelixRegular21° to 34° HelixLow10° to 20° 90° 118° HSS DIN338 ASMEB94.11M Cobalt TaperShank StraightShank HelixHigh35° to 45° DIN340 FlattedShank ReducedShank DIN1897 135° Split 118° Split 118° K-Notch ReducedFlatted Shank StraightShank Tang Hex Shank
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