Quick Two-Piece Die AssemblyStyles: 0550, 0551, 0552, 0553 General Information • Quick-Set Two-Piece Die System consists of these parts Series 0550 — Die Series 0551 — Cap Series 0552 — Guide Series 0553 — Collet • Inch sizes are sold as a complete assembly (see table on this page), or in their component parts. • Metric sizes are sold in their component parts only. • Use with Quick-Set die stocks; see page 74. • Collets for use with Quick-Set dies consist of a cap and a guide; order cap and guide separately, or assembled as a collet (see below). • Die halves are seated in the beveled cap slot and held in place by the guide, which screws into the underside of the cap. • Die is adjusted by the set screws at either end of the slot. • Caps of a given outside diameter are made with several different sizes of slots to take different sizes of dies as indicated in the table below. • Separate guide is required for each cutting size. • To order separate guides, specify cutting size of the die and the size of the collet for 1/4" and 1/2" dies. Application Information: • Use in most maintenance applications. • Ideal for hand threading operations. Collet Assembly and ComponentsSET Styles: 0550, 0551, 0552, 0553, 0554 UNCUNF Carbon Steel HSS Note Most cutting sizes may be ordered by size only; however, sizes 1/4" and 1/2" can be furnished in two different blanks, which should be ordered by size and collet number. Unified and American National thread form standard. Two-piece construction with two cutting edges in each piece. Easy to sharpen. One side has a 2 to 3 thread chamfer for threading; the other side has a 1 to 1-1/2 thread chamfer for threading close to a shoulder. Unified and American National thread form standard. Enables a wide range of adjustments. Regular Quick-Set Die Stock see Style #223 Jr, Quick-Set Die Stock see Style #225 Cap Die Guide Collet (combined Cap & Guide) Assembly (combined Die & Collet) order number order number order number nominal dia. nominal dia. decimal collet collet 0554 die 0550 cap 0551 0552 0553 TPI series pitch equivalent no. O.D. assembly blank no. die O.D. cap guide collet 4-40UNC.1120A11-1/4C66782A1C666931-1/4C66727C66681C66754 6-32UNC.1380A11-1/4C66783A1C666941-1/4C66727C66682C66755 8-32UNC.1640A11-1/4C66784A1C666951-1/4C66727C66683C66756 10-24UNC.1900A11-1/4C66785A1C666961-1/4C66727C66684C66757 10-32UNF.1900A11-1/4C66786A1C666971-1/4C66727C66684C66757 12-24UNC.2160A11-1/4C66787A1C666981-1/4C66727C66685C66758 M6 x 1.23625——AC6667070—C66820— 1/4-20UNC.2500A11-1/4C66788A1C666991-1/4C66727C66686C66759 1/4-20UNC.25001,52C66789AC667012C66728C66737C66775 1/4-28UNF.250012C66790A1C667002C66728C66737C66775 1/4-28UNF.250012C66790AC66702 2C66728C66737C66775 5/16-18UNC.31251,52C66791AC667032C66728C66738C66776 5/16-24UNF.31251,52C66792AC667042C66728C66738C66776 M8 x 1.25.31505——AC6667170—C66821— 3/8-16UNC.37501,52C66793BC667052C66729C66739C66777 3/8-24UNF .37501,52C66794BC667062C66729C66739C66777 continued on next page
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