Annular CutterStyles: 4500 & 4501 NEW Note High Speed Steel - M2. Can cut materials up a maximum tensile strength of 900 N/mm2 (266 BHn / 27 HRc). 1 Inch and 2 Inch Depth of Cut. 1/2 Inch (0.500") Diameter to 2 Inch (2.000") Diameter Range. Used in Magnetic (MAG) Drills. 3/4" (0.750") Shanks on all sizes. Used on the following applications: Mild Steel, Structural Steel, Construction Steel, Aluminum, Copper / Brass, Plastics. Annular Cutters allows hole to be produced quicker and more efficiently, compared to conventional drills. Due to the cutter design the load per tooth is greatly reduced and the power used by the machine is kept to a minimum. This greatly increases productivity and the life expectancy of the tool and machine. See Technical Section for cutting speeds and application information. decimal depth order number depth order number diameter equivalent of cut 4500 of cut 4501 1/20.50001"C340602"C34077 9/160.56251"C340612"C34078 5/80.62501"C340622"C34079 11/160.68751"C340632"C34080 3/40.75001"C340642"C34081 13/160.81251"C340652"C34082 7/80.87501"C340662"C34083 15/160.93751"C341022"C34084 11.00001"C340672"C34085 1-1/161.06251"C340682"C34086 1-1/81.12501"C340692"C34087 1-3/161.18751"C340702"C34088 1-1/41.25001"C340712"C34089 1-5/161.3125—— 2"C34090 1-3/81.3750——2"C34091 1-1/21.50001"C340732"C34092 1-9/161.5625——2"C34093 1-5/81.62501"C340742"C34094 1-11/161.6875—— 2"C34095 1-3/41.7500— — 2"C34096 1-13/161.81251"C340752"C34097 1-7/81.8750— — 2"C34098 22.00001"C340762"C34099 Locator Pin for Annular CutterSET Styles: 4502 NEW decimal locator order number diameter (mm) equivalent pin for 4502 60.2361" long cutterC34100 6.200.2442" long cutterC34101
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