Rougher - Left PM PlusTM, Fine PitchStyle: PM-538L - Left 3 Flute CC Helix 42° ANSISIZES Fine Pitch Square End LHS / LHC POWDERMETAL NoteSurface TreatmentLeft Hand Spiral. Left Hand Cut. Bright l1l2d1d2 cutting order number diameter decimal shank dia length of cut overall length no. of PM-538L d1 equiv. d2 (in) l2 (in) l1 (in) flutes Bright 0° R 3/4.7500.7501.6253.8753C40400 3/4.7500.7503.0005.2503C40405 11.00001.0002.0004.5003C40410 11.00001.0003.0005.5003C40415 11.00001.0004.0006.5003C40420 1-1/41.25001.2502.0004.5003C40425 1-1/41.25001.2503.0005.5003C40430 1-1/41.25001.2504.0006.5003C40435 1-1/41.25001.2506.0008.5003C40440 Material Reference Steel (HRc)Stainless SteelCast Iron (HRc)Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Hi-Temp AlloyHardened Steel (HRc) Low CarbonAlloyAusteniticMartensitic PH GrayNodularNi, Co, Fe Based Super Alloy Titanium Hardness13-38>3816-38 > 38300 Series400 series18-2222-32>45 Bright P P = Best Performance F = Acceptable
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