Extra Length Extended 12", and 18"Styles: 1806, 1807 K P StraightShank 118° HelixRegular21° to 34° HSS ASMEB94.11M BlackOxide 12" OAL Black Oxide 18" OAL Black Oxide order number 1806 1807 drill decimal 9" Flute Length 14" Flute Length diameter equivalent 12" Overall Length 18" Overall Length 1/8.1250C20436— 5/32.1562C20438— 3/16.1875C20440— 7/32.2188C20442— 1/4.2500C20444C20481 9/32.2812C20446C20483 5/16.3125C20448C20485 11/32.3438C20450C20487 3/8.3750C20452C20489 13/32.4062C20454C20491 7/16.4375C20456C20493 15/32.4688C20458C20495 1/2.5000C20460C20497 17/32.5313C20462— 9/16.5625C20464— 19/32.5938C20466— 5/8.6250C20468— 21/32.6563C20470— 11/16.6875C20472— 3/4.7500C24746—
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