Finisher PM PlusTM, Left, High HelixStyle: PM-539L - Left Square End LHS / LHC POWDERMETAL ANSISIZES Helix 42° 3 Flute CC NoteSurface TreatmentLeft hand spiral. Left hand cut. Operating parameters begin on page 310. BrightTiCN l1l2d1d2 cutting order number diameter decimal shank dia length of cut overall length no. of PM-539L d1 equiv. d2 (in) l2 (in) l1 (in) flutes Bright TiCN 1/2.5000.5001.2503.2503C40295– 1/2.5000.5002.0004.0003C40296– 1/2.5000.5003.0005.0003C40297– 5/8.6250.6251.6253.7503C40298– 5/8.6250.6252.5004.6253C40299– 3/4.7500.7501.6253.8753C40300C40301 3/4.7500.7503.0005.2503C40305C40306 11.00001.0002.0004.5003C40310C40311 11.00001.0003.0005.5003C40315C40316 11.00001.0004.0006.5003C40320C40321 Tech Tip The PM-539 Advantage • Exceptional speeds in aluminum. Material Reference Steel (HRc)Stainless SteelCast Iron (HRc)Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Hi-Temp AlloyHardened Steel (HRc) Low CarbonAlloyAusteniticMartensitic PH GrayNodularNi, Co, Fe Based Super Alloy Titanium Hardness13-38>3816-38 > 38300 Series400 series18-2222-32>45 Bright F TiCNP P = Best Performance F = Acceptable
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