Application Products High Performance Taps, Carbide Thread Mills and End Mills High Performance Taps Greenfield Industries offers an expansive line of high performance taps in the Cleveland brand. All taps in the Cleveland line are designed to machine a broad range of materials and are manufactured out of premium high speed steel. This supplement shows the range of products to be added to the Cleveland line along with machining parameters. Various surface treatments are available for our taps designed for specific applications. These taps were developed for the highest cutting performance to cope with the increasing demands placed on industrial thread cutting. By optimizing the cutting geometry, substrate material, and surface treatment the tap will achieve the best results in CNC as well as in conventional thread cutting environments. Carbide Thread Mills Cleveland thread mills are manufactured from premium sub- micron grain carbide and combined with an advanced PVD coating to create superior performance. The helical flutes help reduce chatter and produce a superior finish on the thread surfaces. These tools are also provided with internal coolant holes to maximize life and material removal. With the ability to create right and left hand threads with the same tool, the Cleveland Thread Mill provides a cost effective way to solve your thread applications. Carbide End Mills Cleveland is proud to present to you the highest quality carbide end mills in the market today. We manufacture our end mills to serve our client’s needs throughout North America and the world in our state-of-the-art facilities in Seneca, South Carolina. We have made it our mission to invest in the resources, technology and people that enable us to provide these superior end mills.
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