10.50.413413387C18611**C18691 27/64.42195-3/83-15/16C18453C18653 10.80.425214294C18612— 11.00.433114294C18613**C18692 7/16.43755-1/24-1/16C18454C18654 11.20.440914294C18614— 11.50.452814294C18615**C18693 29/64.45315-5/84-3/16C18455C18655 15/32.46885-3/44-5/16C18456C18656 12.00.4724151101C18616**C18694 31/64.48445-7/84-3/8C18457C18657 12.50.4921151101C18617**C18695 1/2.500064-1/2C18458C18658 13.00.5118151101C18618**C18696 Jobber Heavy Duty Parabolic FluteStyles: 1872, 1872TN (continued) order number drill diameter decimal overall flute 1872 1872TN frac/wire/let mm equivalent length length Black & Gold TiN **Parts only available until inventory is depleted. Jobber 3/8" Reduced ShankStyle: 1873 HSS BlackGold 135° Split ASMEB94.11M ReducedShank Note Faster penetration rates than conventional HSS heavy duty jobber drills. order number drill decimal overall flute 1873 diameter equivalent length length Black & Gold 25/64.39065-1/83-3/4C18710 13/32.40625-1/43-7/8C18711 27/64.42195-3/83-15/16C18712 7/16.43755-1/24-1/16C18713 29/64.45315-5/84-3/16C18714 15/32.46885-3/44-5/16C18715 31/64.48445-7/84-3/8C18716 1/2.500064-1/2C18717 Jobber Sets Heavy Duty Parabolic FluteSET Styles: 1872, 1872TN, 1873 order number no. of 1872 1872TN 1872 / 1873 drill sizes pieces Black & Gold TiN 3/8" Shanks 1/16"– 1/4" x 1/64"13C18619C18700– 1/16"– 1/2" x 1/32"15C18620C18701C18719 1/16"– 3/8" x 1/64"21C18621C18702– 1/16"– 1/2" x 1/64"29C18622C18703C18718 1mm – 6mm x 0.5mm11C18626**C18704– 1mm – 13mm x 1mm25C18628**C18706– 29-Piece Set Black & Gold #C18622 **Parts only available until inventory is depleted.
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