Technical Information Reference ChartHole Saws order number diameter pipe tap dia. pipe entrance dia 1887 inch mm inch mm inch mm M3 M42 Tech Tip 9/1614————C25058C25000 5/816————C26149C26121 11/1617————C26102C25002 3/4191/2133/810C25061C26113 —20————C25062C25004 13/1621————C26106C26105 7/8223/4191/213C25064C25006 *7/8223/4191/213C24998C24999 15/1624————C25065C25007 125————C25066C26101 1-1/1627————C25067C25009 1-1/8291253/419C25068C26103 1-3/1630————C25069C25011 1-1/432————C25070C25012 1-5/1633————C25071C25013 1-3/835——125C26108C25014 1-7/1637————C25073C25015 1-1/2381-1/432——C25074C25016 1-9/1640————C25075C25017 1-5/841————C25076C25018 1-11/1643————C25077C26104 1-3/4441-1/2381-1/238C25078C26107 —45————C26120C25021 1-13/1646————C25080C25022 1-7/848————C25081C25023 —50————C25082C25024 251——1-1/238C25083C25025 2-1/1652————C25084C25026 2-1/854————C25085C25027 —55————C25086C25028 2-1/457251——C26109C25029 2-5/1659————C25088C25030 2-3/860————C25089C25031 2-1/264——251C25090C25032 2-9/1665————C25091C25033 2-5/8672-1/264——C25092C26111 —68————C25093C25035 2-3/470————C26110C25036 2-7/873————C26112C25037 —75————C25096C25038 376——2-1/264C25097C25039 3-1/879————C25098C25040 3-1/483376——C25099C26115 3-3/886————C26116C25042 3-1/289————C25001C25043 3-5/892——376C25102C25044 3-3/4953-1/289——C25103C25045 3-7/898————C25104C25046 —100————C25105C25047 4102————C25106C25048 4-1/8105——3-1/289C25107C25049 4-1/41084102——C26118C25050 4-3/8111————C25109C25051 4-1/2114————C26117C25052 4-3/41214-1/21144102C25111C26119 5127————C25112C25054 5-1/2140——5127C25113C25055 5-3/4146————C25114C25056 6152————C25115C25057 • Always wear eye protection. • Always be sure that the pilot drill extends beyond the cutting edge of the saw by at least 1/8". • Be sure to secure the material to be cut to keep it from spinning or slipping. • Start the cutting process with the saw square to the material being cut, this will ensure that all teeth begin to cut at the same time and will help prevent premature wear and damage to the saw. • Follow the recommended operating speed for the saw size and the material being cut. • Operator should feed the saw in and out to allow the material shavings to clear out of the hole being cut. • Cutting oils or lubricants should be used to extend the life of the saw, except when cutting wood or cast iron. • Occasionally check the mandrel's drive pins to be sure they are still fully engaged in the saw and that they have not vibrated out of the drive holes in the saw. • When sawing in wood, finish the hole from the opposite side to prevent splintering. Once the pilot drill has broken through the other side, you can use this hole to guarantee you are in line with where you have already started cutting. • When sawing resistant and difficult to cut materials, drill a couple of small holes on the circumference to allow chip to clear. • Keep an oil soaked sponge inside the hole saw if you: — Cannot lubricate in the normal way — Operate in stainless steel — Operate in a vertical position from above. Pipe and Tap Entrance • Pipe taps are used for threading holes created by a hole saw to receive a threaded pipe. Reference the product charts for proper selection. To cut a hole for a 1" pipe tap, select a 1-1/8" hole saw. • Pipe entrance is the diameter for the hole through which a pipe of a given diameter will pass during installation or repair. • Pipe size is defined by the inside diameter. To cut a hole through which a 3/4" pipe may be passed, a 1-1/8" hole saw is used. • Tubing size is defined by the outside diameter. To cut an entrance hole of a given tubing diameter, the same diameter hole saw should be used. Tech Tip *1-1/2" (32mm) cutting depth
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