Bi-Metal Reciprocating Blade All-Purpose CuttingStyles: RSB-BM (continued) M42Cobalt Bi- Metal Wood Note Heavy gauge metals, composites, masonite, wood, etc. Designed for efficient cutting in a wide variety of materials including wood, metal, and plastic. 1/2" universal shank fits all standard 1/2" shank reciprocating saws. Quick and accurate cutting. .035" Thick 8" 10/14 TPI Bi-Metal 8% CobaltALL PURPOSE order number RSB-BM Inch (teeth per inch) 5 pc. 10 pc. 50 pc. 8" x 3/4" x 0.035" (10/14)C30118C30152C30181 12" x 3/4" x 0.050" (10/14)C30119C30153C30182 12" x 3/4" x 0.050" taper (10/14)C30120C30154C30183 Bi-Metal Reciprocating Blade Plaster CuttingStyle: RSB-BM Plaster Bi- Metal M42Cobalt Note High performance, and fast cutting for plaster. Designed for efficient cutting in plaster or drywall by minimizing tear out. Plaster .050" Thick 6" 6 TPI Bi-Metal 8% CobaltPLASTER / FAST CUT order number RSB-BM Inch (teeth per inch) 5 pc. 10 pc. 50 pc. 6" x 3/4" x 0.050" straight (6)C30121C30155C30184 Carbide Tipped Reciprocating Blade - MetalStyle: RSB-CT Recommended for:Note NEW Cuts faster / lasts longer than a traditional bi-metal blade Carbide teeth stay sharp Faster cutting without binding Less vibration Straighter cuts Metal Alloys; Cast Iron; Stainless Steel; Steel Plate; Threaded Rod; EMT Conduit; Ferrous Metal; Steel Studs; Rubber; Black Iron Pipe; Rebar and Angle Iron order number RSB-CT Inch (teeth per inch) Length Width Thickness (1 piece) 86"152mm1"25mm0.050"1.30mmC30185 89"229mm1"25mm0.050"1.30mmC30186 812"305mm1"25mm0.050"1.30mmC30187
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