1-8UNC1.00002 5/8 C65349— 1-8UNC1.00002-1/2 3/4 C65405— 1-8UNC1.00003 1 C65416— 1-12UNF1.00002 5/8 C65350— 1-12UNF1.00002-1/2 3/4 C65406— 1-12UNF1.00003 1 C65417— 1-14UNF1.00002 5/8 C65407— 1-1/8-7UNC1.12503 1 C65426— 1-1/8-12UNF1.12503 1 C65427— 1-1/4-7UNC1.25003 1 C65433— 1-1/4-12UNF1.25003 1 C65434— 1-3/8-6UNC1.37503 1 C65441— 1-3/8-12UNF1.37503 1 C65442— 1-1/2-6UNC1.50003 1 C65449— 1-1/2-12UNF 1.50003 1 C65450— Die Round and Taper PipeStyles: 0610, 0710 , 0620 order number diameter diameter decimal outside thick- 0610 0710 TPI series pitch equiv. dia. ness Carbon Steel HSS Taper pipe sizes — Carbon Steel order number die diameter decimal outside thick- 0620 TPI and series equiv. dia. ness Carbon Steel 1/827NPT.12501 3/8 C65491 1/827NPT.12501-1/2 1/2 C65492 1/418NPT.25001-1/2 1/2 C65493 1/418NPT.25002 5/8 C65495 3/818NPT.37501-1/2 1/2 C65494 3/818NPT.37502 5/8 C65496 1/214NPT.50002 5/8 C65497 Note: Pipe size round adjustable dies are not split. Die Stock Round AdjustableStyles: 222 Note Style #222: holds round adjustable dies with three adjusting screws. Style #224: stocks have built-in workpiece guide and lock in place with two set screws. Style #222 Die Stock product die overall order number number O.D. length 222 213/167C67223 319-1/4C67224 51-1/213-1/4C67226 6215-3/8C67227 72-1/219-1/2C67228 8323C67229
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