Other Tools Combination Drill & TapStyle: 0450 Bright HSS Note Drill and tap in one operation without changing tools. Two flutes run length of the tool. order number tap tap thread decimal no. of overall thread drill drill 0450 size TPI series equivalent flutes length length length size Bright 632UNF.1380227/165/16.1095C64937 832UNC.164022-1/81/23/8.1360C64960 1024UNC.190022.3755/813/32.1545C29186 1032UNF.190022-3/85/813/32.1610C64961 1224UNC.216022.37521/3215/32.1805C29187 1/420UNC.250022-1/225/3217/32.2010C64949 1/428UNF.250022.50025/3217/32.2220C29188 5/1618UNC.31252315/1611/16.2570C64952 5/1624UNF.312522.84415/1611/16.2770C29200 3/816UNC.375023-1/21-1/1613/16.3225C64955 3/824UNF.375023.3751-1/1613/16.3395C29189 1/213UNF.500024.0621-3/81-1/8.4350C29190 1/220UNF.500024.0621-3/81-1/8.4580C29191 Die - Hexagon Re-ThreadingStyles: 0650, 492 HSS Bright Carbon Steel Note Used in repair work for dressing over bruised and rusty threads. Can be used only in free machining materials. StyleStyle 0650M0650M (Metric) now (Metric) now combined with style 0650. combined with style 0650. order number 0650 492 die diameter die diameter decimal length Carbon High-Speed TPI series pitch equivalent across flats thickness Steel Steel M3 x 0.5.118119/321/4C29192— M4 x 0.7.157519/321/4C29193— M5 x 0.8 .196919/321/4C65580— M6 x 1.236219/321/4C65581— 1/4-20UNC.250019/321/4C65601C77600 1/4-28UNF.250019/321/4C65602C77602 M7 x 1.0.275611/165/16C29194— 5/16-18UNC.312511/165/16C65603C77604 5/16-24UNF.312511/165/16C65605C77606 M8 x 1.25 .315011/165/16C65582— 3/8-16UNC.375025/323/8C65606C77608 3/8-24UNF.375025/323/8C65607C77610 M10 x 1.25.39377/87/16C29195— M10 x 1.5 .39377/87/16C65583— 7/16-14UNC.43757/87/16C65608C77612 7/16-20UNF.43757/87/16C65609C77614 M12 x 1.75 .47241-1/161/2C65584— 1/2-13UNC .50001-1/161/2C65610C77616 continued on next page
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