Other Drills / Accessories Car Reamer Spiral Flute / Straight ShankStyle: 2619 NEW HSS BlackGold Note 3 flats on shank. order number reamer decimal diameter length length overall number shank 2619 size equivalent at point of taper of flute length of flutes Helix diameter Black & Gold 5/16.31250.1832.0003.1795.000425 LHS0.313C24002 3/8.37500.1932.0003.1795.000425 LHS0.375C24003 7/16.43750.2232.2503.4295.250425 LHS0.438C24004 1/2.50000.2362.6254.1175.938525 LHS0.500C24005 9/16.56250.2992.6254.1175.938525 LHS0.500C24006 5/8.62500.2643.3754.7426.563525 LHS0.500C24007 11/16.68750.3273.3754.7426.563525 LHS0.500C24008 3/4.75000.4583.7505.1797.000525 LHS0.500C24009 13/16.81250.5223.7505.1797.000525 LHS0.500C24010 7/8.87500.5853.8755.4297.250525 LHS0.500C24011 15/16.93750.6483.8755.4297.250525 LHS0.500C24012 11.00000.7133.8755.4297.250525 LHS0.500C24013 1-1/161.06250.7783.8755.4297.250525 LHS0.500C24014 Specialty Combined Drill and CountersinkStyle: 1824 Bright HSS Note Produces a 60° included angle center, used for most applications. order number drill decimal body overall 1824 size diameter equivalent diameter length Bright 01/32.03121/8 1-1/8C20891 13/64.04691/8 1-1/4C20892 25/64.07813/16 1-7/8C20893 37/64.10941/4 2C20894 41/8.12505/16 2-1/8C20895 53/16.18757/16 2-3/4C20896 67/32.21881/2 3C20897 71/4.25005/8 3-1/4C20898 85/16.23443/4 3-1/2C20899 Specialty Die DrillStyle: 1844 ReducedShank Note Long carbide tip to prevent chipping, to improve cutting, and for better cooling. Brazed tip for strength, performance and durability. Special fluting for rapid chip evacuations and heat dissipation. Specially tempered bodies for strength and longer tool life. Designed for hardened steel. Run at 75-100 SFM. order number drill decimal shank overall 1844 diameter equivalent diameter length Right-Hand Left-Hand 3/16.18753/163C19000C19005 1/4.25001/44C19001C19006 1/4.25001/46C19002C19007 5/16.31251/44C19003C19008 3/8.37503/84C19004C19009
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