Other Drills / Accessories Specialty - Metric Welding Point DrillsStyles: 2195, 2185, 2185F P Cobalt StraightShank FlattedShank StrawOxide Note Designed to drill rivet holes and other applications in thin sheet metal. Ideal for hand drilling. Cobalt Cobalt Straw Oxide Cobalt Straw Oxide w/ Flats order number drill decimal overall flute 2195 2185 2185F diameter (mm) equivalent length length Cobalt Cobalt - Straw Cobalt - Straw w/flats 6.0.23626628C20988C20478C20878 6.5.25597031——C20877 8.0.31507937C20989C20479C20879 10.0.39378943C20990C20480C20880 Specialty Power Wood BitStyle: 1823 SquareShank Bright NoteParts may vary slightly. This style was updated; previous style will be shipped until inventory is depleted. Unique Turbo Twist™ clears holes of chips. 3 flats on shank. Easy to re-sharpen. order number drill decimal overall 1823 diameter equivalent length Black Oxide 1/4.25006C17100 5/16.31256C17101 3/8.37506C17102 7/16.43756C17103 1/2.50006C17104 9/16.56256C17105 5/8.62506C17106 11/16.68756C17107 3/4.75006C17108 13/16.81256C17109 7/8.87506C17110 15/16.93756C17111 11.00006C17112 1-1/81.12506C17113 1-1/41.25006C17114 1-3/81.37506C17115 1-1/21.50006C17116
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