Other Drills / Accessories Specialty Quick Change ChucksStyle: 1817 BlackOxide Note For use with 1/4" hex shank drills or for 1/4" and 3/8" shank drills. Installs in 3/8" or larger chucks. Converts standard power tool chucks to quick-change operation. No chuck keys needed. #C20920 #C20958 #C20957 order number description 1817 Quick-change chuck insert converts standard chucks to quick-change operationC20920 Quick-change chuck for 1/4" hex shank drillsC20955 Extra length (6" OAL) quick-drive quick-change chuck for 1/4" hex shank toolsC20958 Extra length (12" OAL) quick-drive quick-change chuck for 1/4" hex shank toolsC20957 Specialty Double EndStyles: 1683, 1815 135° Split BlackOxide HSS P Note Made specifically for sheet metal and other thin materials having a thickness similar to the drill diameter. order number drill diameter decimal overall flute 1683 1815 frac/wire mm equivalent length length Black Oxide Black Oxide 2.00.0787389C69005— 2.10.0826389C69006— 2.50.09844310C69007— 3.00.11814611C69008— 1/8.12501.929.433C69021C20500 3.20.12594912C69009— 3.26.12834912C69010— #30.12851.875.500C69028C23811 3.30.12994912C69012— 3.50.13775214C69013— 9/64.14062.047.551C69022C17618 5/32.15622.165.551C69023C17619 4.00.15745514C69014— #20.16102.063.625C69027C23810 4.10.16145514C69015— 4.20.16535514C69016— 3/16.18752.441.669C69024C20501 #11.19102.344.688C69026C23809 4.90.19296217.5C69017— 5.00.19686217.5C69018— 5.10.20076217.5C69019— 5.20.2047 6217.5C69020— 1/4 .25002.756.787C69025C20503
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