Other Drills / Accessories Masonry SDS® Carbide TippedStyle: 1821 SDS® - plus 2 Cutting Premium Parts may vary slightly. This style was updated; previous style will be shipped until inventory is depleted. NoteANSI Carbide Tip. Self Centering And Concrete Breaker Tip. 160° Tip Angle. Square Flute. Compatible SDS-Plus Shank. Chiseling Effect To Break Concrete. cutting diameter shank working overall order number fractional decimal diameter length length 1821 3/16.1875SDS + shank 3/8"24C21032 3/16.1875SDS + shank 3/8"46C20712 3/16.1875SDS + shank 3/8"68C21033 3/16.1875SDS + shank 3/8"1012C21020 1/4.2500SDS + shank 3/8"24C21034 1/4.2500SDS + shank 3/8"46C20713 1/4.2500SDS + shank 3/8"68C21035 1/4.2500SDS + shank 3/8"1012C21021 5/16.3125SDS + shank 3/8"46C21036 5/16.3125SDS + shank 3/8"1012C21022 3/8.3750SDS + shank 3/8"46C20714 3/8.3750SDS + shank 3/8"68C21039 3/8.3750SDS + shank 3/8"1012C21040 3/8.3750SDS + shank 3/8"1618C21023 1/2.5000SDS + shank 3/8"46C20715 1/2.5000SDS + shank 3/8"68C21042 1/2.5000SDS + shank 3/8"1012C21043 1/2.5000SDS + shank 3/8"1618C21024 5/8.6250SDS + shank 3/8"68C21025 5/8.6250SDS + shank 3/8"1012C21046 5/8.6250SDS + shank 3/8"1618C21026 3/4.7500SDS + shank 3/8"68C20717 3/4.7500SDS + shank 3/8"1012C21048 3/4.6250SDS + shank 3/8"1618C21027 7/8.8750SDS + shank 3/8"810C21028 11.0000SDS + shank 3/8"1012C21029 11.0000SDS + shank 3/8"1618C21030 Masonry SDS® Carbide Tipped SET Styles: 1821 no. of order number drill sizes pieces 1821 Plastic Case 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" x 65C21031 Masonry SDS® - Drill ReBarStyle: 1833 - SDS® - plus 3 Cutting Premium NoteANSIMonobloc carbide tip with self centering point. 3 Cutting edges. 135° Tip angle. Combines square and round flute shape. Compatible SDS-plus shank. The solution for drilling rebar and concrete without cracking. cutting diameter shank working overall order number fractional decimal diameter length length 1833 3/16.1875SDS + shank 3/8"24C22100 3/16.1875SDS + shank 3/8"46C22101 1/4.2500SDS + shank 3/8"24C22102 1/4.2500SDS + shank 3/8"46C22103 1/4.2500SDS + shank 3/8"1012C22104 5/16.3125SDS + shank 3/8"46C22105 5/16.3125SDS + shank 3/8"1012C22106 3/8.3750SDS + shank 3/8"46C22107 3/8.3750SDS + shank 3/8"1012C22108 1/2.5000SDS + shank 3/8"46C22109 1/2.5000SDS + shank 3/8"1012C22110 9/16.5625SDS + shank 3/8"46C22111 9/16.5625SDS + shank 3/8"1012C22112
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