X.39705-1/83-3/4C97352C66052 Y.40405-1/43-7/8C97353C66053 13/32.40625-1/43-7/8C97323C66023 Z.41305-1/43-7/8C97354C66054 27/64.42195-3/83-15/16C97324C66024 7/16.43755-1/24-1/16C97325C66025 29/64.45315-5/84-3/16C97326C66026 15/32.46885-3/44-5/16C97327C66027 31/64.48445-7/84-3/8C97328C66028 1/2.500064-1/2C97329C66029 Jobber TiN TipStyles: 1500-TT, 1501-TT order number drill diameter decimal overall flute 1500-TT 1501-TT frac/wire/let equivalent length length HSS TiN HS-Co TiN Jobber Tin TipSET Styles: 1500-TT, 1501-TT Metal Case NEW order number no. of 1500-TT 1501-TT drill sizes pieces HSS TiN HS-Co TiN 1/16-1/2 x 1/6429C97413C66113
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