We have made it our mission to invest in the resources, technology, and people that enable us to provide these qualilty application products, the Cleveland Brand. The Cleveland® brand is well-known throughout the world for its wide selection of premium cutting tools for drilling, countersinking, reaming, threading, and milling operations. Its roots go back to the 1870's, when Cleveland Twist Drill was established as a premier cutting tool company in the United States. Cleveland has always been famous for the quality and reliability of its tools, and the company grew to be one of the largest high-speed steel toolmakers in the US, expanding to overseas markets. In 1995, Cleveland Twist Drill was acquired by Greenfield Industries Inc. (GFII), a U.S. based manufacturer of precision cutting tools. Today, Greenfield Industries is part of TDC, the world’s largest manufacturer of twist drills. Index by Style Number CEM-AM2 37 CEM-AM3 38 CEM-V2-5R . 30 CEM-V3-7R . 32 CEM-V3-7RCB 34 CEM-V-4B . 29 CEM-V-4R . 26 CMTM2 17 Metal Cutting Safety (read this before using Cleveland® products) Modern metal cutting operations involve high energy, high spindle or cutter speeds, and high temperatures and cutting forces. Hot, flying chips may be projected from the workpiece during metal-cutting. Although advanced cutting tool materials are designed and manufactured to withstand the high cutting forces and temperatures that normally occur in these operations, they are susceptible to fragmenting in service, particularly if they are subjected to over-stress, severe impact or otherwise abused. Therefore, precautions should be taken to adequately protect workers, observers and equipment against hot, flying chips, fragmented cutting tools, broken work pieces or other similar projectiles. Machines should be fully guarded and personal protective equipment should be used at all times. When grinding advanced cutting tool materials, a suitable means for collection and disposal of dust, mist or sludge should be provided. Overexposure to dust or mist containing metallic particles can be hazardous to health particularly if exposure continues over an extended period of time and may cause eye, skin and mucous membrane irritation and temporary or permanent respiratory disease. Certain existing pulmonary and skin conditions may be aggravated by exposure to dust or mist. Adequate ventilation, respiratory protection and eye protection should be provided when grinding and workers should avoid breathing of and prolonged skin contact with dust or mist. General Industry Safety and Health Regulations, Part 1910, U.S. Department of Labor, published in Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations should be consulted. Obtain from Cleveland® and read the applicable Material Safety Data Sheet before grinding. Cutting tools are only one part of the worker-machine-tool system. Many variables exist in machining operations, including the metal removal rate; the workpiece size, shape, strength and rigidity; the chucking and fixturing; the load carrying capability of centers; the cutter and spindle speed and torque limitations; the holder and boring bar overhang; the available power; and the condition of the tooling and the machine. A safe metal cutting operation must take all of these variables, and others, into consideration. Cleveland® has no control over the end use of its products or the environment into which those products are placed. Cleveland® urges that its customers adhere to the recommended standards of use of their metal cutting operations. The information included throughout this catalog under the heading “Technical Data” and other recommendations on machining practices referred to herein are only advisory in nature and do not constitute representations or warranties and are not necessarily appropriate for any particular work environment or application.
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